NFT Mechanism


First G

GotG's motto is ‘Contain Value', ‘Contain Property', and ‘Contain Copyright’.

We plan to launch an NFT business model with completely differentiated NFT business model with GotG's own humanities analysis consists of A Series - Art NFT Collection, R Series - Real asset NFT Collection, F Series - Fashion NFT Collection, etc.

We plan to collaborate with various partners by providing the optimal NFT business model to companies and creators.

Second G

The world you see when you cross the bridge is Metaverse.

GotG will present the Metaverse Bridge platform.

All companies will be able to supply their products and services to the Metaverse ecosystem through the bridge platform that NFTs real assets and real products and supplies them to the Metaverse world.

GotG Platform will turn real assets into digital assets.

A completely new NFT & Metaverse project leading Web3.0

The NFT & Metaverse future
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