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G Wallet Mechanism

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DAG (Digital Asset Guaranteed) A guarantee solution for various products such as digital assets and NFTs based on GotG token. The foundation can reduce investor risk and gain publicity through the guarantee contract. Users can maximize stability and profitability by storing or utilizing guaranteed tokens.
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Guaranteed NFT & Marketplace You can buy or sell NFT issued by GotG. Based on the value of real assets, the value of NFT is calculated and a guarantee contract is concluded. In addition, we experience a variety of activities, such as issuing NFT for digital assets directly from G Wallet, and investing in other valuable NFT.
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Asset Management Asset Management We provide a secure storage wallet solution that allows users to conduct instant deposits and withdrawals at any time. It is equipped with an exchange function, so you can easily trade within G Wallet without going through multiple transaction steps. No transaction fees.
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Community of Code-nity A community is a channel through which platform users can communicate with project teams. Users can ask the team for information they want to know, and the team can promote the product. Join the community and participate in various airdrop events. There are also some secret events hosted by the project team. Try P2P transactions between users through the community. No fee.

DAG (Digital Asset Guaranteed)

Effective and efficient program to protect investors.

The DAG program is a program that reduces the risk of success or failure of the project and project tokens. If the asset is at risk due to the failure of the project, you can get 30~100% of the promised value of GotG back instead of the tokens invested through the DAG program.

Investor protection program

The DAG program is operated based on real assets. Value assets such as physical assets, shares, business rights, and real estate held by the token issuer (business organizer) are evaluated and incorporated into the platform's assets through contractual agreements such as transfer or collateral.

Program that supplements the shortcomings of CDS (Credit Default Swap)

Existing financial institutions use a credit default swap (CDS) method in which the principal of a loan is protected from a third-party financial institution in order to reduce the credit risk caused by the borrower's default. The DAG program is designed to take advantage of CDS and lower the investment risk through asset guarantee.

Various customized warranty methods

We provide GotG in a variety of ways, such as a guarantee method based on listing price, a guarantee method based on transaction suspension price, and a guarantee method linked to GotG price.
- Listing Price is based on the market price at the time of listing
- Trading Suspension Price is based on the market price at the time of suspension
- GotG Price Integration criteria: Number of token holdings

*GotGs are distributed in accordance with the proportion agreed upon procedures.

DAG (Digital Asset Guarantee)

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